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- Testimonials -

Jessie on Nov 4, 2020

"They are Amazing just exactly what I wanted, what I asked for great service I will be buying again here... love it 🥰 can't wait for my husband to see them and his reaction it's a birthday gift and they are amazing 🤩 god bless"


Scott on Oct 20, 2020

"These just got delivered yesterday. I could not be more impressed. What a job! And they fit perfect and are so comfortable. Design is insane. Check out the other shoes as well. My fiance is checking out the LV ones after she saw mine. Props and keep up the good work. Killing it!!!! "


**This image is for reference purposes. Not posted by reviewer 

Gianna on Oct 19, 2020

"These came out so dope! Superb quality. My son's going to love these shoes. Just in time for his birthday! Thank you! "


Gerald on Oct 12, 2020

"Excellent item and great quality.

Thank you! "

Kenneth on Oct 5, 2020 

"Great! Very happy with my shoes. Will buy another pair. THANKS 😊 "

Kalifa on Sep 27, 2020 

"I love it😍  great service. Thank you"


Jeff on Sep 17, 2020 

"Couldn't ask for better work. They came out perfect. Will definitely be buying from "


**These reviews were taken from JB custom etsy page. 

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